Canopy Club joins EAB fight – InsideHalton

The Town of Oakville has enlisted the help of a new organization, the Canopy Club, to defeat the scourge of the Town’s beloved ash trees: the emerald ash borer EAB.

The first 20 Canopy Club members were plucked from North Oakville’s very own River Oaks Public School’s primary Eco Club and Mayor Rob Burton offered his thanks to the club’s volunteers.

“We are all under attack by this beetle and everybody’s ash trees are in danger,” said Burton. “Your town has always been a fighter and we need you to help fight the beetle.”

McNeil said that there are two options for owners of ash trees: removal or treatment. A certified arborist can give residents a recommendation and quote the cost of either option.“Then it’s up to the resident based on the value of that ash tree to him or her to decide which of the two options they want to choose,” said McNeil.

“The point I want to stress is if you don’t make the choice, the beetle will make the choice for you.”

via InsideHalton Article: Canopy Club joins EAB fight.

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