Traps for EAB research – InsideHalton

NORTH OAKVILLE TODAY – No, it’s not a child’s kite stuck in a tree. It’s a trap – an emerald ash borer trap to be exact.

The neon green, triangular box-shaped traps are hung from ash tree branches across Oakville. They are part of a research project to discover how best to detect the presence of the invasive and destructive emerald ash borer beetle…

…The Town of Oakville is home to approximately 176,000 ash trees and although EAB has taken hold, the Town is trying to save as many ash trees as they can.

There are an estimated 14,000 ash trees on Town property and earlier this summer, Council approved a plan to try and save 75 per cent of the Town’s ash tree canopy by treating 6,000 larger, stronger trees and removing the smaller, misshapen trees.

There are an additional 43,000 ash trees on private property in Oakville and McNeil is asking residents to “follow the Town’s lead.”

McNeil suggests residents identify whether or not they have an ash tree on their property. An arborist can then advise whether or not the tree can be treated or should be removed.

“Because guaranteed – EAB will make the decision for you,” said McNeil.

The Town has several resources on its website to help residents identify whether or not their trees are ash trees.

via InsideHalton Article: Traps for EAB research.

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