Mark Cullen on the Battle Against the Emerald Ash Borer – CTV News

The emerald ash borer first became a problem in Canada in Windsor Ontario in 2002. Since then it has spread to London, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal.

While it is expected to devastate the white and green ash trees in Central Canada over the next few years efforts are being made to minimize the damage and to slow its growth. There is a treatment that is based on the natural ‘neem’ tree extract that has proven to be effective. It is applied once every two years.

While the e.a.b. makes its way across Ontario and Quebec we would be wise to step up replanting efforts and to make sure that new street plantings in urban areas are diverse in nature and for the most part ‘native.’

Most native trees that are recommended for urban tree planting are both disease and insect resistant.

Video Here: Mark Cullen on the battle against the emerald ash borer – CTV News.

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