Ash borer clean-up poses new problem – Ottawa – CBC News

Emerald Ash Borer Creates New Problem

A local biologist says the City of Ottawa might have inadvertently created a major environmental problem dealing with the emerald ash borer.

The city has been cutting trees infested with the pest in an effort to prevent the spread of the beetles and lessen the damage to the city’s trees.

But dealing with the trees after they have been cut has proved problematic. A pile of ash trunks, about the size of a football field and five metres high, now sits at the Trail Road landfill.

While the trees may be dead, contractor and biologist Burt van Ingen said the beetles are starting to fly from the site, hitching rides from trucks moving in and out of the dump.

“Now, they fly, and they land on your windshield, they fall in the back of your trailer or they land on a garbage truck, and they go for a nice long ride. And when they get the opportunity, away they go,” said van Ingen.

via Ash borer clean-up poses new problem – Ottawa – CBC News.

2 responses to “Ash borer clean-up poses new problem – Ottawa – CBC News

  1. In addition to the bugs hitching rides some logs are being ‘boot legged’ ie illegally sold on the tree market. I saw a load of dead ash logs leaving Ottawa and I suspect heading for a fire wood company or small sawmill near by in rural Ottawa east. Ditto some chippers go home loaded with shredded trees rather than to the designated area. Ash borer 100 city nothing.Its a nut house out there!!

  2. That CBC feature is from June of 2012. The massive woodpile at Trail Road continued to grow throughout the summer and nothing was done with it. Now it is February 2013 and the pile is still there. I recently installed a #1 Select-grade White Ash floor in my house (sawn and milled in USA) and it certainly is an excellent substitute for Red Oak and also a very good ‘end use’ for diseased ash trees.

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