Sault-made pesticide earns national registration – Northern Ontario Business

By: Lindsay Kelly

TreeAzin, an injectable pesticide that treats trees attacked by emerald ash borer, has received full registration in Canada from the Pest Management Regulatory Association. Its manufacturer, BioForest Technologies out of Sault Ste. Marie, is now able to market the product across the country.

It’s Murphy’s Law that the day you get great news you aren’t around to receive it. So it went for Joe Meating in early October.

When he received confirmation from the Pest Management Regulatory Association PMRA that his company’s product, TreeAzin, had finally earned full registration for use in Canada, nobody was in the office to get the memo. But, two days later, when Meating opened his email, the office went into celebration mode.

“We had emergency registration for emerald ash borer in Ontario and Quebec for the last four years,” said Meating, president of BioForest Technologies in Sault Ste. Marie. “We have it registered in the U.S. and we were just waiting for the full registration in Canada so that we could expand the market to all 10 provinces and territories and also deal with other insect problems, not just emerald ash borer.”

Developed in 2001 by BioForest Technologies Inc., TreeAzin is an injectable organic pesticide manufactured from the Indian neem tree that’s designed to combat the onset of emerald ash borer EAB, the emerald green beetle that destroys ash trees by burrowing into the bark, eating the tree from the inside out and eventually killing it.

Approval from the PMRA, a department of Health Canada, means that BioForest can start promoting the pesticide to other markets. A marketing campaign is under development, and Meating is scheduled to present at a number of conferences and seminars across the country within the next few months. Eventually, once sales are stable in Canada, BioForest will reach out to a global audience.

via Sault-made pesticide earns national registration.

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