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EAB Publication by Grimalt et al. – Foliar residue dynamics of azadirachtins following direct stem injection into ash trees for control of EAB

BACKGROUND: Azadirachtins are natural insecticides derived from the neem tree. The emerald ash borer (EAB) is an exotic invasive insect pest that infests various ash tree species and has the potential for significant economic, aesthetic and ecological impacts throughout North … Continue reading


EAB Publication by Kreutzweiser et al. – Environmental safety to decomposer invertebrates of azadirachtin as a systemic insecticide to control EAB

The non-target effects of anazadirachtin-based systemic insecticide used for control of wood-boring insect pests in trees were assessed on litter-dwelling earthworms, leaf-shredding aquatic insects, and microbial communities in terrestrial and aquatic microcosms. The insecticide was injected in to the trunks … Continue reading